Thursday, 10 January 2013

Laundry room - update #4

What a crazy week it's been. It's always hard to get back in the swing of things after a couple of weeks off, and to add to the general chaos the boys have had a lot of homework this week, with some of it pushed up a day due to the teachers' strike day tomorrow.

The laundry room cabinet is put back together (except for handles on the top drawers) and provides a lot of extra storage space. We started out with this mismatched cabinet with newly-made drawer fronts

I primed and painted them with an alkyd-based semi-gloss the same colour as the baseboards.

It really unifies the space. I still need to buy some handles for the two top drawers - we had to use one of the cup handles down in the kitchen so I'm short one. I have to run out to Lee Valley Hardware to see if I can match it or purchase two new handles to coordinate.

The drawers provide so much extra storage space. The two top ones are now home to all the odd socks that come out of the laundry. It's nice to have space to corral them so that once every couple of weeks we can take a few minutes and match them all up. The other drawers store an assortment of odds and ends; vacuum bags, kleenex, laundry and cleaning supplies.

The space between the washer and dryer is housing the three drying racks until I figure out how to hang them on the wall. Ultimately that space will store a step stool that we can use to make it easier to hang the clothes above the counter.

I love my new Electrolux machines. Our old washer had an extra large capacity drum that took forever to fill with water due to our really crappy water pressure. The new high efficiency machine cuts the wash time in half. With two grubby boys that equates to a pretty significant time savings!

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