Saturday, 5 April 2014

Toy storage

It's April, and although it's not quite feeling like spring here yet, I'm starting to feel the urge to do some spring cleaning.  I decided to start with the biggest pigsty problem area in the house - Cal's bedroom. That boy is a packrat. 

We're quickly moving out of the toy stage, and I've managed to convince the boys to get rid of a lot of stuff that they've outgrown. But there are some toys that they're really resistant to giving up. Like the trains, for example. I don't know why, because they never really played with them. 

When you live in an old house and have few closets, finding extra storage space is a high priority if you want to hang on to anything. I had these drawers sitting around in Matthew's room after a Pinterest fail. They were supposed to be mounted on the wall for storing Matthew's 10,000 trophies that he's received over the years, but when I got them done I was disappointed in them and they sat in a corner of his room for a year. So this project really killed two birds with one stone in the useless clutter category.

I picked up some small wheels down at the hardware store. The plywood on the bottom of the drawers was too thin to screw them directly into, so I cut some spacers out of a 1x2 that I had sitting around in the basement to attach to the bottom of the drawer. This also added a little bit of height so that the front of the drawer doesn't catch on the carpet when you pull it in and out.

It was a quick and easy project - it only took about 20 minutes of actual working time to cut the wood, set up the glue, and after it dried screw in the wheels. And the final product was most satisfying.

We now have lots of room to tuck away toys that aren't played with into a space that was sitting empty and unused. I call that a win!

Not as big a win as getting them out of my house would be, but a win all the same.

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