Friday, 4 January 2013

Laundry room - update #3

It's Friday evening and our week of peace is just about over. We're picking the boys up tomorrow morning so that we can get back to the city in time for Cal's 1 pm hockey game. Life will return to normal after the two week break - it's hard to believe how quickly it flew by!

I spent a few hours over the last two days putting all the Christmas decorations away and cleaning up the 10 billion needles that fell from the tree when we dragged it out of the house. It was really nice to have a chance to get things all straightened up with no children underfoot.

I've made progress in the laundry room, as well. The cabinet box and drawers are all primed, and my poor bathroom is filled up with renovation stuff again.

The walls and trim in the laundry room are finished and everything looks all clean and shiny-new.

I'm really happy with the accent wall colour. I went with Benjamin Moore "blue jean". It's a great match for the fabric I chose for the curtains.

On the long wall adjoining the bathroom, I hung a collection of clothing tags. Alan's grandfather owned a fancy menswear store in Hamilton for close to 60 years, and a few years ago I used small shadow boxes to frame some of the old tags that I found squirreled away in a drawer. 

These used to hang in our living room, but they were on the wall above the french doors connecting the living and dining rooms, so they weren't very visible. I love that they have a new home in place where we'll notice them every time we walk in the room.

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