Sunday, 6 January 2013

Back to reality

We're headed back to school and work tomorrow - I can't believe how quickly Christmas vacation flew by. As usual, I didn't get nearly as much finished as I hoped.

My big accomplishment today was getting my old friend, Mr Reebok, put back together again. I didn't manage to get a run in, but it's a start!

We had to take the treadmill apart for the reno as it weighs about 400 pounds and is unwieldy to move. Somehow the activation barrier to getting it put back together was really high....

The treadmill's new position in the basement is much better than the old one, where the deck ended right against a wall. I was always a little nervous that I might stumble, get rammed into the wall, and have all my skin peeled away by the belt (kind of like a belt sander). Now I have about 15 feet of open space behind me in case I go flying.

I'm happy it's done - my New Year's resolution is to run 5 days a week (it's going to seriously cut into my home improvement time!). I was doing this steadily until June when the reno started in earnest and I fell off the rails. I haven't been a total sloth as I walk 3 km each way to and from work, but I sure feel the difference in my waistband.

One small task that I crossed off my big list o' stuff to do this weekend was painting the frame around a picture of the boys that Alan's brother shot and framed for us. I have it hanging at the top of the stairs right outside the laundry room door.

I thought that the light frame around it washed it out, so I painted it glossy black. It really pops against the light wall now.

The picture was taken about 18 months ago, when both the boys were in their shaggy hair phase and Matthew was growing in his enormous front teeth. Cal is just hitting that stage now, losing all his cute chiclet teeth and growing in gigantic chompers that are way too big for his little face.

This weekend I also finished in the upstairs laundry room, with the exception of hanging the drying racks. I haven't managed to take any pictures yet, but I pick the kids up right after school tomorrow so I'm hoping to be able to squeeze it in then. Stay tuned for updates!

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