Tuesday, 8 January 2013

My first post (by Matthew)

When my mom and I started this blog we said that we would each post half. Well, I haven’t gotten around to posting anything because when I use the computer I usually play my favorite video game, Minecraft. If you have a child that plays this game comment in my mom’s latest post (Back to reality) that you know what she’s going through.

My mom got her treadmill up today. She said her new year’s resolution was to play a game with Cal and me four times a week, and also to use her treadmill every day. I don’t know how she will manage but that is for her to solve. My resolution is to play less Minecraft, and post more stuff on the blog.

I can’t believe Christmas vacation is over. Two weeks ago my mom said to me vacation will be over before you know it and it’s the last night of it, it seemed like only two days not two weeks. AAAAAAHHHHHH!

(Sorry this post was just random stuff mixed together. Later I will make some more organized posts) J

I built this in Minecraft in about half an hour, at my grandparent's house. I will post some more stuff that I have built later.


  1. What a lovely entry. I cannot believe that you wrote it all. You are so smart, it is scary.
    It is good to see you away from Minecraft , Grandma does not think that is such a wonderful thing for you to be spending so much time doing that, plus I do not like the language!

    Love you, Grandma xoxo

  2. Great writing, Matthew! Loved your picture of the house you built while you were valiantly trying to teach me to play the game. I'm much better at solitaire. Keep up the good work. How about trying French, since you are now learning the lingo. See you soon, Love, Gramma


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