Sunday, 9 December 2012

The big art decision

Last weekend friends of ours had an open house where they showcased two artists; one a sister and one a friend.

I fell in love with the paintings of the sister, Kylie Sandford. Her work is so beautiful and serene - I was drawn to her paintings of water, especially River Water and Laguna.

Seeing work like this makes me wish that I could paint. It must be so deeply satisfying to be able to create such beautiful works of art. 

I also fell in love with a pair of paintings of trees in the snow. It reminds me of the silence in the woods at the cottage right after a snowfall and makes me feel peaceful just looking at it. Goodness knows that I can use all the peaceful feelings I can muster up!

There was a print of the paintings framed in a simple black frame. It's a fairly large piece, measuring about 20"x45".

Cary called us this afternoon and let us know that the paintings were being loaded into the car to be transported back to Montreal. He knew that we almost bought the framed print of the two paintings last weekend. The only thing that stopped me from buying it on the spot was the fact that the two original paintings that the prints were made from were right there in the room. And they were gorgeous. So I waffled....

So instead of loading the paintings into the car, he brought them down to our house so that we can try them out for a couple of weeks. He'll see his sister again at Christmas, so he can return them then.

I hung the paintings up in the family room over the (schlumpy) couch (that's slated to be replaced). The couch is 80" long, so you have some idea of the scale.

It's a big decision - while I love them, they're a serious chunk of change. And their purchase would hasten the purchase of a new couch - preferably something long and sleek, clad in a bluish-gray that would pull out the colour of the shadows.

Decisions, decisions.....


  1. They are gorgeous, but are you sure you would enjoy looking at snow in the summertime? The water scenes, however, are absolutely stunning and would bring pleasure in whatever season.

    1. I agree - the snow in the summer is what is really giving me pause. Maybe it would be refreshing and make us feel cooler, though!

  2. i like! But I like the water too...better for your wallet or the same?

    1. Laguna is sold, and I think that River Water is actually more than the other two.

  3. I love River Water. I'm a firm supporter of spending money on art. Nothing gives a room more colour, character and individuality than original art chosen by you.


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