Sunday, 30 December 2012

Laundry room - update #1

I made some pretty significant progress in the laundry room yesterday. We got the new light hung with very little trouble. Thank goodness, as I have quite a few other fixtures in the house that need to be changed, and a willing husband to help with those changes is necessary.

The chandelier looks great. As you're walking up the stairs to the second floor you look straight into the laundry room, so a pretty light on the ceiling was a must.

Matthew thinks that the chandelier is a little over the top for a laundry room, but (not surprisingly) Cal loves it. I think it's perfect for this room - it's simple and clean, and with the shiny chrome it looks like it was made for a a laundry room or bathroom.

The countertop is also finished. I sanded it down and applied three coats of clear gloss polyurethane. I debated using satin or gloss, but went with the gloss in the end. The room is really small, and I figured that the light reflecting off the countertop will brighten things up. It's a beautiful, smooth surface for folding clothes now.

Today I need to go and choose a paint colour for the walls. I have this fabric that I plan to use to make curtains.

I think I'll get something along the lines of the darker blue, and paint three of the walls Cloud White and the wall behind the countertop the accent colour. Off to Home Hardware I go!


  1. Do you sand manually or power sander?

    1. I used my random orbital sander for the first pass, and then did a second pass by hand with the fine grit sandpaper.


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