Wednesday, 19 December 2012


I'm an avid user of Pinterest. I love being able to store ideas in a way that I can take them all in visually, instead of bookmarking websites and having to remember what the heck I was interested in just by the title.

And I've wiled away many an hour browsing the pins of friends, family, and complete strangers. I have troves of projects that I'd like to complete some time in the future all neatly filed away. And I've successfully completed projects that I discovered on Pinterest - like the Santa wreath I made with the kids last week.

But while I love Pinterest and trying out projects, I've had several failures. One of them was the dresser-drawer-to-shelf project that I did last month. It looked like such a simple project - and the originals were so cute!

Mine turned out like this.

Not so cute. Or as Matthew would say - epic failure.

They don't have any of the pizzaz of the ones that I tried to emulate. For one thing, they're too big. I knew from the start that they might be - but I figured it was worth a try. And some of the trophies are quite tall, so I hoped it might make them seem not so, I don't know, big. The paper used in the back is also too busy. I should have found something with a simpler graphic design.

Matthew seems to be pretty happy with them anyway. As soon as I finished getting the paper put in the back he was running down with a load of trophies to try them out.

I haven't had the heart to hang them up yet. Matthew likes them and wants them in his room, so I'll do it. But I'm not excited about it.

I guess as far as Pinterest fails go, this one is pretty mild. There are a lot of failed Pinterest projects around the web - in fact there's a whole website, called Pinstrosity, centered around them. For a good laugh, go check out some of the really epic Pinterest fails that people have experienced.

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