Sunday, 16 December 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Last weekend Cal and I spent a couple of hours putting Christmas decorations up. Usually Alan and I are scrambling to get our tree up and decorated by Christmas Eve - by some small miracle this year we had it up by December 6th for our lab Christmas party. It has a bit of a Charlie Brown look to it as we let the boys put the majority of the ornaments on and haven't bothered to move any around to cover up bald spots, but I find that kind of endearing.

I  don't do a theme tree. Or maybe my theme is the history of my family. I have construction paper Santas that my nephew Ryan made for me in kindergarten (20 years ago), macaroni angles that my nieces made for me when they were small, and a big assortment of things that my own children made for me over the years.

This year Callum is especially enamored with the "golden" macaroni angels crafted by Laura and Alison many years ago.  

Besides the tree we've put out a few other festive things. A couple of years ago my SIL gave us a set of knitted reindeer. They're really cute, but I was stumped with what to do with them. Cal and I came up with a plan that started out with this assorted paraphernalia.

I strung the garland up along the stair railing using the red ribbon, and Cal attached a hook to each reindeer and hung them up along the length of garland. Thankfully, he carefully read the names of the reindeer and organized them in the proper order before hanging them in line (I might have had to change them around if he hadn't).

Since the reindeer are brown and it was looking a little dull, we added in some gold and silver balls. I think that I might also add in some twinkle lights to give it a little bit more oomph.

We also strung up some ornaments in the dining room window and decorated the mantle with the nutcracker dolls I've had since I was a girl and an angel that Matthew made back in the preschool room at daycare.

It's nice to have the house decorated this far ahead of Christmas - if only my Christmas shopping was going as well!!!

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