Saturday, 22 December 2012

New sideboard

It's been a busy week around here in the run-up to Christmas. Work has been hectic as we were trying to get two manuscripts submitted before the Christmas break. I've also been squeezing shopping in on lunch hours. Combined with company for dinner, cookies to bake for school parties, and the general running of the house I'm pooped.

While I didn't manage to make any progress on house projects this week, we did buy a new couch for the family room. It's being delivered this morning, just in time for all the entertaining we'll be doing over the next couple of weeks. It was an insane week for spending; we payed off the last installment of the reno, bought the couch, and as a Christmas present to each other, we bought the snow paintings.

I love them. And the new gray fabric couch is going to look beautiful with them. I'll post pictures later after we get the old furniture out and the new couch in.

I also picked up a new antique sideboard for our living room as it was looking really bare in there. I like the sofa centered under the window, but it leaves a large empty space over to the left.

And an ugly electrical outlet exposed.

The fireplace surround is also quite weighty and could use something to balance it out, and we can always use extra storage. So I've been keeping my eyes open for a small sideboard. I found the perfect piece.

It's a similar style to the longer sideboard in the dining room, with the pilaster and door trim detail. But best of all, the top drawer pulls out for use as a tray. Living in a small downtown house, I love it when things do double duty.

It's amazing what a big difference a piece of furniture can make in a room. We went from this

to this.

I think the next hunt is for a picture or mirror to hang there. And I can't decide if I should flank the window with pictures, or hang drapes across most of the front wall. I'm thinking that drapes might be the better choice as they would make the window seem more substantial and provide a neutral backdrop for the room.
We're having the whole family over on Christmas Eve. I have a few small things I'd like to get finished up before then, and after Christmas I plan to tackle one or two of the big projects. I'm definitely going to paint the laundry room, and may do the second floor hallway and stairs. Including the 10,000 pickets that need a fresh coat of paint. I am not looking forward to that torture!


  1. Drapes! Definitely drapes.
    Love it, but you make me feel so lazy for the lack of progress in my condo

  2. Make the boys do the fence, a la tom sawyer

    1. If only it was the fence. I have a feeling that the disaster awaiting allowing the boys to paint the stair railing is far beyond what I can even imagine!


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