Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The upstairs bath - finishing touches

Finally! Privacy in the bathroom. In all these months that I've been using the upstairs bathroom, I've spent every morning crouched down so that nobody could see me through the bare window as I climbed into the shower.

The bottom sill is about 4' off the floor, and our only neighbour out the back is an old lady whose windows are at least 150 feet away so it wasn't too revealing. Still, I felt rather exposed when the lights were on and it was dark outside.

I picked up some fabric a couple of weeks ago at Designer Fabrics and finally got around to sewing a roman blind on the weekend. It was pretty simple to make. I just whipped up a rectangle (I lined mine with blind lining to help protect the fabric from sun damage) and then sewed on the little rings and threaded the cord through. I also used a threaded metal bar to weight the bottom of the blind so that it would hang well. The top is a piece of 1x3 that was cut the same width as the fabric. I stapled the top of the blind to it, and then screwed it right into the window frame.

How's that for detailed instructions?!? There are lots of tutorials online for making them, and they really aren't hard to do if you can run a sewing machine.

On to the after shots - the colour of the fabric is true in the pictures above. The ones taken in the bathroom are affected by the poor quality of the light in there. I really must learn how to adjust the white balance on my camera so that I can get better indoor/low light shots.

The blind is hanging a little wonky in the second shot as I forgot to pick up a cleat for the inside of the window frame, and currently have to tie it to the towel hook to keep it open.

I'm really happy with how it turned out. And since there was a long, narrow piece of fabric left after making the blind, I decided to dress up my ironing board with a new cover. I know it's hard to imagine why anyone would ever want to cover up this beauty.....

....but I think it's looking a little more sophisticated now.  

And to end, a gratuitous shot of my shadow. This one's for you, Aunt Marilyn!

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