Sunday, 10 February 2013

Lazy Sunday afternoon

It's still a winter wonderland - although tomorrow is threatening to be a winter nightmare. 6 °C and rainy. I'm dreading the slushy mess we'll face walking to school, especially since all the storm drains are covered by huge mounds of snow.

I had a lazy afternoon with my friend Lisa, a bottle of wine, and a batch of cookies. She's having an open house/new parent orientation this week for the summer camp that her son attended last year, and wanted to make some outdoor themed cookies. She baked them last night and brought them by today to decorate. They turned out pretty fantastic!

It's for Camp Pathfinder; their logo is a red canoe, so we made a bunch of those, and some trees, and then frogs and owls. The frogs were really cute,

but the owls were definitely my favourite!

Thank goodness all of those cookies walked out the door with Lisa. I've stuffed my face with too many cookies over the past couple of weeks.

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