Friday, 8 February 2013

Snow day!

There are few things in childhood as exciting as a snow day. It wasn't exactly a real snow day - the school buses were cancelled but school wasn't. All of the surrounding Universities and Colleges were closed, but ours wasn't - although it did close at 3pm due to the storm. We let the kids stay home - I figured with our luck we'd get them to school and slog into work, and then the board would decide to close at lunchtime. Plus, all but four kids in Matthew's class are bused in, so I felt confident he wouldn't miss much.

We had a quiet morning snuggled down in the house while the snow fell and the wind blew. I love working from home - I can take several short breaks and get something done. Like bake a loaf of challah,

and some sugar cookies to decorate after dinner. Snowflakes, of course.

The boys and the dog spent a long while in the afternoon playing out front in the snow. It's the first significant snowfall we've had this year - I hope it sticks around!

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