Sunday, 18 November 2012

The lady in red

Remember this old girl that my neighbour was tossing to the curb?

Well, she's all spiffed up now.

Cal is delighted that I agreed to put the monster knobs from his old dresser onto the new one. I would have preferred more traditional pulls - but it's not my bedroom. I still need to get a couple more wooden knobs to paint and monster-ate as his old dresser only had three drawers.

I had Cal help me pick out a few things to put on top of his dresser. We decided we had to use the new butterfly poster. And then it all went to hell. He started dragging out a million assorted tchotchkes that he just had to have displayed. After a lot of wheedling and bargaining, I finally whittled him down to this

Like Matthew, he has the requisite microscope in his room. There's nothing like the power of subconscious conditioning in helping your children choose a career path!

1 comment:

  1. LOVE! And the monster knobs make it complete! That is a dresser that can grow with him, just by changing the knobs. What a fabulous job you did!


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