Friday, 9 November 2012

And the winner is.....

Remember this chair that I started to refinish for the basement bathroom? 

And I was trying to choose a fabric to cover the seat? The owls had a lot of support. 

They didn't win out. I've been dragging my butt about placing an order with Tonic Living. Tonight after work I went for a run and found myself running past Designer Fabrics down on Queen St. I decided to pop in and look to see if they had anything that I liked.

They had some sort of colourful owl fabric, but it wasn't nearly as cute as the one above. I thought that it was the same as the Tonic Living one, and decided that I didn't like it (partly because the owls were printed on a creamy background, and I wanted white) and should choose something else. So I did. 

Thankfully I had my credit card with me. I always slip it in my pocket when I go for a run so I have some form of ID on me in case I get hit by a car. Or, you know, see something cute in a store window that I just have to buy.

So I picked up a half a yard of material, trotted home, pulled out my staple gun, and lickety-split had a finished chair on my hands.

I love how crisp and clean the the simple graphic pattern is. 

And here it is all folded up. 

Next up, painting the front door. It's starting to stick, probably from the raw wood absorbing moisture. Yikes!!

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