Saturday, 3 November 2012

I haven't seen 4 am for years

Until today, that is.

Cal woke up just before 4, and spent the next three hours throwing up. Poor bub. It's now lunchtime and this is what I walked into the kitchen to see

While a 4 am wake-up is not ideal, it sure lets you get a lot done in the day.

Last night we dragged the Ikea cabinets down to the basement and I assembled the cabinet frames. I discovered that I didn't have the proper hardware to actually install them, though. Thinking I would save time, I ordered the cabinets online, and while they included the doors and door hardware, they didn't include the legs for the pantries, or the hanging rail for the uppers. So irritating.

This morning I sent Matthew and Alan out to Ikea  after Matthew's hockey game. I spent this time sanding the doors for the front hall closet. I took off all the old finish, but didn't bother sanding down far enough to get rid of all of the old stain as it was taking  forever. I'm using the same stain that we have on the hardwood floor, which is darker than the doors are presently stained, so it doesn't really matter.

Hopefully I can get a coat of stain on them this afternoon and then a couple of coats of varathane between tonight and tomorrow.

And now I'm off to tackle hanging the cabinets in the basement. Wish me luck!

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  1. I love those doors! They are going to look amazing.


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