Saturday, 9 August 2014

Backyard progress

I was away for most of the month of July. First I was in Vermont at a conference and then I spent three weeks in New Brunswick at a boat-access, no electricity, no running water cottage. Talk about roughing it! Unfortunately the weather looked like this for a fair amount of time that we were there.

Fortunately, we had lots of family around and had a great time anyway.  The boys got to spend a lot of time with all of their older cousins, and the last five days we overlapped with my younger brother's kids who are of similar ages. The cousins had an absolute blast.

While it was nice to be on vacation, it was great to get home. And while I was off cavorting in the sun (or fog, as the case may be) our landscape guy was hard at work installing our new patio.

The stone patio, where we plan to put the BBQs and the dining table, is 18'x20'. We left an unfinished area next to the chain link fence so that we can construct some kind of privacy screen. I think that we'll use trellis and vines but we haven't ruled out a wooden privacy screen. All of the neighbours to the north of us have chain link fences, so everyone within the next ten houses can see every move we make in the backyard. We're going to wait until the deck is finished and we see how much screening it provides for this lower area and then make the decision about what to build and how high to build it.

It's a bit of a mess right now. Our neighbour's yard is slightly higher than ours as the street slopes gently, so we have to figure out some kind of retaining wall solution to keep the dirt off of the patio.

The contractors will be here Monday morning to get going on the deck. I'm excited for things to start moving along!

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