Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Deck progress and fireplace makeover

Progress on the deck continues to move forward. Our contractor needed to put the guys on another project for a few days last week as they had a tight deadline to meet, so it's not finished yet. We did manage to make all the decisions about the privacy screens, stairs and deck railings so things should move along quickly now. 

We're using the same rough cut cedar that we used for the board and batten on the back of the house for the privacy screens along the sides. While the siding runs vertically on the house, we're running it horizontally on the deck in a two wide, two narrow board pattern.

We also decided to use the same material to fully clad the stairway. In the picture below you can see the old temporary stairs set up where the new ones will be built. So the first step down is inset into the deck, and then on the remaining stairs the horizontal cladding will continue out to the handrail. The front section of the deck will also be clad to ground level so that the concrete pad will be fully hidden.

And with the end for the deck being somewhat in sight, it's made me think about spending late summer evenings in the yard in front of a wood fire. We have an outdoor fireplace that we bought many years ago that's been sitting out behind the shed for a long while. I pulled it out the other day to give it a cleaning, and realized that it needed a lot more than a little scrubbing.

The screens on the sides were soooo rusty. After a good scrubbing, first with a cloth and then with steel wool, I sprayed on a couple of coats of heat resistant Rust-oleum spray paint in flat black...

... and now it looks as good as new. I see some weenie roasts in our near future! 

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