Sunday, 8 June 2014

New chairs for the backyard

I decided to ignore all advice to the contrary and go for the wooden Muskoka chairs. I just couldn't bring myself to buy the recycled plastic ones, even though I know they're lower maintenance. There's inherently more charm to the real wood chairs and I don't really care if the stuff in my yard fades and looks kind of dingy well loved.

Plus, I have two boys that I can force to do the restaining for the next decade at least.

Matthew and I were at Costco on Friday and happened across Muskoka chairs, so we picked up a couple of them. Yesterday he helped me unpack them and start the assembly. Unfortunately he lost interest fairly quickly and I was left on my own for much of the process.

The first chair was  bit of a pain to put together, but the second one was a breeze and I had them all assembled within a couple of hours. They're really comfortable to sit in, and I think that they're going to look terrific when I get them stained.

I discovered a patio design flaw yesterday when Alan cut the grass - the mulch that I put down around the hostas flew everywhere when he passed by it with the mower. So I pulled it out and put down some of the river rock that I had stockpiled behind the shed.

I like the look much better and it should be less maintenance than the mulch - a win-win situation.

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