Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Another school year is over and summer has finally arrived. I remember what it was like as a kid with two long months stretching out ahead me. It seemed like it would last forever (and I'm sure that it probably felt like it lasted forever for my poor mother who was home wrestling four kids).

It's not quite the same for my boys as their days are filled with summer camps, but it's still freedom from the drudgery of school and lots of time spent playing up the cottage.

This weekend was our first real weekend to relax. We'd been up once a few weeks ago, but there was a lot to do to get things opened and unpacked, so it wasn't really a pleasure visit. This visit was pure relaxation.

The boys finished school on Thursday, so we left the city Friday morning to make the most of the weekend. It wasn't a terrific weekend weather-wise, and was especially disappointing considering how hot it was all the previous week. And the mosquitos almost carried us away! Such is life at the cottage, though.

We did manage a full afternoon out on the boat on Sunday (which happened to be our 12th anniversary).

We stopped off at the boys' favourite fishing spot and whiled away the afternoon fishing and reading.

I was hoping that they'd catch something big enough to eat, but no such luck. The fishing did keep them busy for quite a long while, and the day spent out in the fresh air tired them out so we had a nice quiet evening. Even poor Tessa conked out early, and I found her tucked into bed with Matthew when I headed off myself. 

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