Saturday, 6 July 2013

Mini succulent gardens

I have a soft spot for succulents. I don't know if it's because they're so small and cute, or if it's just that they're one of the few plants that I can manage to keep alive.

I must admit to neglecting my houseplants something fierce.

So a couple of weeks ago when I was out at my mom's house I couldn't resist buying these plants that I found outside of her local grocery store. 

I loved the assortment of succulents, but oh my goodness, the electric green plastic containers were a sight to behold. And they did nothing to improve the looks of the plants.

I happened to have a couple of shell planters that I had picked up from my next-door neighbour's lawn sale a couple of weeks earlier and knew that they would be perfect for tiny succulent gardens.

The shells are about 30 cm (12") across and look like they're ceramic. They're actually made of some kind of extruded foam product, which makes them perfect for leaving outside on the dining table with no worries about them being damaged by the sun or rain.

I got to work and transferred the plants to their new home using the soil that they came in to fill the shells.

I'd picked up three pots of plants, so I ended up with too many plants for the two shells. Luckily, I had a silver plate cream and sugar sitting around that were a perfect home for a couple of succulents.

Now they're right at home on the windowsill behind my kitchen sink.

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