Monday, 8 July 2013


This afternoon we had record breaking rainfall. Unbelievably record breaking rainfall. Apparently the previous one day record was 29.2mm and the average monthly rainfall for July is 74.4mm.

This afternoon we got greater than 90mm in about an hour. And the weathermen say to expect greater than 100mm before the day is through. More than an average month's rainfall in one measly hour.

So perhaps I shouldn't be too surprised that this was the scene on our main floor this evening.

We sprung a leak. A pretty big leak. Right along the edge of the rear addition where it joins onto the main house.

I leaned out of the bathroom window on the second floor (after it stopped raining) to get a picture. It was raining so hard that the eavestroughs  overflowed, a lot of water was pouring onto the edge of the roof, and the flashing just didn't cut it.

Matthew first noticed that one of the lights in the back room was leaking water (!) and soon there were huge bubbles of water under the paint. Like water balloon size. I broke them to let the water out, as they kept getting bigger and bigger. Now they look like this.

There are several more spots where the paint buckled - I have quite a patch job ahead of me.

But of course it didn't stop there. Matthew (who seems to have an uncanny ability to discover water leaks) went down to the basement and found one of the ceiling ducts leaking water all over the floor. We collected a large volume of brackish water from the vent before the storm was done.

And then the back storage room leaked too. You know, when it rains, it pours?

Funnily enough, we had a guy come this morning to give us a quote on new evestroughs as ours have some problems. If only we'd managed to get the work done a week ago. We might have escape this whole huge mess!

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  1. Oh, Karen, that is a shame! What a mess! I am guessing that your picnic wasn't a go, either, if it was raining that hard.


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