Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Glad it wasn't us!

I was a little disappointed this morning when Hurricane Sandy seemed to have died out and there was blue sky peeking through the clouds. I was kind of hoping for a storm-day to spend at home with the kids.

The wind in the night was sure exciting, though. At one point I was woken by a big crash and metal crunching, and got out of bed to check if it was one of the limbs overhanging our front porch. The huge, 100+ year old maples that line our street are getting quite straggly, and branches coming down in storms are a common occurrence. I couldn't see anything on the street and the limbs overhanging our house were all fine so I just went back to bed.

This morning, when we left for school, we discovered this in front of our next-door neighbour's house.

Miraculously, the hydro wires weren't pulled down and there didn't seem to be any damage to either roof. The ugly little black iron fence bore the brunt of the damage - but that's no big loss.

And now the kids appreciate why I make them scurry down the street on very windy days!

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