Friday, 12 October 2012

The kitchen sink...

Despite my high hopes and enthusiasm earlier this week, I haven’t made much progress in the bathroom. I just can’t seem to bring myself to paint. Maybe this evening I’ll put on a movie on Netflix and lock myself in there until it’s done.

I did manage to hang some pictures on the wall in the kitchen. At least I have one small corner of the house back in shape! Here’s a picture of the kitchen part-way through the reno. Note the tiny little useless window above the sink. I couldn’t open it without a climbing on a chair because of the angle of the countertop by the sink.

We forgot to include the larger window in the original building permit, and almost didn’t bother with it. Boy, am I ever glad that we did! Compare the picture above with how it looks now

Not only does it let in a tonne of light as it faces south, I can also now look out of it when I’m doing dishes. I cannot believe that I lived the last 12 years without it! 

We also replaced the kitchen faucet. It wasn’t in the plans, but it seems that it got knocked around during the reno and was leaking like crazy into the cupboard below. So we trundled up to Ginger’s and bought this amazing new one. It’s their Soho 33 line. We got taps from the same line for our upstairs bathroom as well.

I love how high above the counter it is – I can easily fill really tall pots. And the bell-shaped part is a pull-out spray nozzle; pretty and functional. The bowl holding the fruit behind the tap is the first item I ever purchased at auction over a decade ago.

I waffled between pictures or a large mirror over the sink. I was thinking that the mirror would reflect light from the window back into the room. But I had pictures on hand, so I decided to put them up and see how I liked it.

I don’t like the Monet/Renoir little poster things in the outer upper frames (they were cheap little things that I have from when I was an undergrad), but I’m happy with the rest of the grouping. Several of the pictures are special to us. The spoon was A.’s grandmother’s. She used it every day for mixing, and apparently stirred so vigorously that she wore away part of the bowl.

And this old picture came from my great aunt JoJo. I’ve had it since I was a young teen – she gave it to me the year before she died.

We picked up the antique seed packets on our very first trip to Saxton’s River, Vermont; for the FASEB Viral Assembly Meeting of course. Unfortunately the store that we bought it in has gone out of business. I checked when we were there in June. It’s too bad as they had a lot of beautiful antique maps, prints, and other interesting art. 

All in all, I'm happy with how it turned out. But now I'm on the prowl for something to replace the two little art prints in the top row. Maybe some original kid art? 


  1. Your window made a lot of difference to the kitchen. Iit looks more spacious and well-lighted. Your faucet and sink are awesome! I love cooking so I need deep sinks like that for my crock pots and all the utensils I would be using. On the other hand, your dual purpose faucet saves a lot of space. It looks great! Congrats on your new kitchen!

  2. This is indeed what we call renovation! The kitchen is very nice and it invites me to cook a lot of food. Haha! By the way, it’s good that you’ve noticed the leaking faucet and replaced it at once. It can mess up the renovated look of the kitchen. I guess, I’ll just wait for your recent updates regarding the ongoing renovation. Or I mean, your finished renovation. :)

    [ Carmella Vancil ]


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