Tuesday, 2 October 2012

And so it begins

Last night Matthew and I decided that we should have a blog.

Me, to keep everyone up to date on the home front (as I assume that everyone is as interested in other people's renos as I am) and on the goings-on of the little darlings.

Matthew, he just wants to write about Tessa. It'll probably involve a lot of fart stories. Because she does that. A lot. It's hard to describe how quickly this sweet-looking creature can clear a room.

Anyway, the reno continues. There's been no progress made in the last week, but they're set to return tomorrow to install the new front door. Although we have to make a decision tonight about whether to install it tomorrow. Apparently there's a problem with the hardware - it's satin nickel instead of polished bronze. Or some such thing.

Truthfully, we probably wouldn't have remembered  the finish that we ordered and wouldn't have noticed if our contractor had just installed the door. Now we have to decide - satin nickel, or wait another 10 days for the hardware with the finish we chose to arrive. Decisions, decisions.

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