Monday, 15 September 2014

Queen West Art Crawl

Yesterday my mom came into town and we ventured off to the Queen West Art Crawl. Well, we took in the Trinity-Bellwoods portion of it - we had both Cal and Tessa in tow, so we were lucky to see most of the displays in the park before things started to fall apart.

I was really impressed with how many incredibly talented artists were there. It was similar the One of a Kind show, but better because it was outside on a beautiful fall afternoon and there was live entertainment that could be heard throughout the park while we were browsing. It'll definitely be on my calendar next year, but my mom and I will be smarter and trade in the boy and the dog for my sister/SIL/nieces, who would add greatly to the fun.

While I wasn't looking for anything in particular, I did end up making a couple of purchases. First was a new addition to the boys' skull collection.

I picked out the one on the right for Matthew, and Cal chose the one in the baseball cap for himself. Matthew was thrilled with it when I brought it home, but when I mentioned putting it in his bedroom he flatly refused.  He said he didn't want it watching him sleep at night. Can't say I blame him (imagine waking to that staring at you from your wall), so I think that they'll be relegated to the basement playroom where they can scare the hell out of the neighbourhood children.

I also treated myself to a new painting for the kitchen. I had three black and white photographs that we bought years ago in NYC hanging on the wall above the breakfast table. I was never happy with them - they were hanging too high and they were too small and insignificant looking in the space.

They've now been replaced by a beautiful still life painted in oil on watercolour paper.

It's a perfect fit for the wall space above the bench. I may replace the thin metal frame with something more substantial in the future; I'm not crazy about that style of frame, but it's not bad with the stainless steel appliances. We'll see if it grows on me.

Kind of like this guy.

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