Friday, 26 September 2014

Go Sens!!!

With two boys and a husband who (to my great surprise) has revealed himself to be a hockey nut, a lot of our life revolves around the game. Never with as much excitement as Wednesday night, though. It even far surpassed the great Flying Puckheads victory of 2013

Alex suited up with the Ottawa Senators for an exhibition game agains the Leafs!!! We played hooky and headed off to Ottawa to see him play in his first NHL game. Surely that's a good enough reason to miss a bit of school... 

For the non-hockey fans, that's him in red. It was amazing to see him play out his dreams and to see the effect that it had on our boys. Suddenly anything was possible if you worked hard enough for it. 

During the game Cal solemnly announced that he decided that when he grows up he is going to play for the Senators, because he's just like his cousin. Poor lamb doesn't realize that neither Alan nor I have the energy to ever get him there, even if he had the talent. 

In the end I can't really decide who was the most fun to watch. Alex, the boys, or Uncle Stew, who I feared might have a stroke before the game even got underway! 

To add to the excitement, Ryan managed to get us into the Canadian Tire box so we had comfy seats right behind the Leafs goal. 

Let's not forget that it takes a whole family to raise a hockey star. 

It was a long, hard road, but he's finally arrived. Congratulations, Alex! 

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