Saturday, 23 November 2013

Hallway seating

We've booked the tiler, and he's coming on Friday to start the hallway tiles. I'm really looking forward to finally having that job done. 

Now I have to finally decide on the finishes for the hallway. I've been mulling over a few ideas - I know that I want a seat for people to perch on when they're putting on their shoes. Especially for the winter, so that messy boots aren't moving onto the hardwood floors in our living room.

I was initially enamoured by the idea of a gossip bench, and I went so far as to purchase this one over the summer from a shop near our cottage.

We had it sitting in the hallway for about a month, and while the seat was useful, the profile was just too large. I felt it made the hallway look cramped, so it's now sitting at the top of the stairs on the second floor awaiting a makeover.

Then, about a month ago neighbours of ours were moving out and were getting rid of this little piano bench. It's smaller and narrower than the gossip bench, and doesn't appear to take up as much real estate in our small hallway.

It was kind of rickety, but that was easy to fix by tightening a couple of screws and adding in a little wood glue. The great part about this bench is that the seat lifts and provides a bit of storage - perfect for hiding the dog leash or hats and mittens.

The top of the bench was really scratched up, so I spent the evening yesterday stripping it.

 I considered staining it, but it was almost impossible to get into the carved parts on the legs, and it looked like it was going to take weeks. So I decided to paint it black. There are black tiles in the hallway mosaic, so I think it'll tie in well. Today I'm busy painting it - hope to have an update tomorrow!

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