Saturday, 27 April 2013

Champion #2!

It's a red letter year for hockey in our household.

Cal's team won the Parkdale Flames house league age division and Matthew's team won the city-wide Select championship tournament this week.

Matthew is thrilled. And Alan is absolutely over the moon. Matthew's team is moving up to Single A level next year, so they're leaving the Parkdale arena (for some reason beyond my comprehension, they can't have a single A team at Parkdale). Last night there was a party at the rink to celebrate the championship and the end of playing for the Flames.

And Matthew, of course, volunteered me to make a cake for the celebration. He was so excited to take a fancy cake that I didn't have the heart to say no. So I stayed up baking until after midnight on Thursday night, and then rushed home yesterday to decorate the cake. 

I used the Campfire Cake recipe that I baked for Alan's birthday, but only made the malted chocolate buttercream to fill it. The toasted marshmallow filling is my favourite, but since I was baking the cake in a 9x13 pan, would only have one layer of filling, and was finishing with marshmallow fondant, I decided to go with the chocolate buttercream.

I used their home team jersey as a template (so they wouldn't be eating a tonne of black fondant) and manufactured a cake version of it.

Matthew was as proud as a peacock taking the cake into the party, so it was well worth all the trouble!

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