Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Hallowe'en wreath

I've become a wreath person. I'm not sure how it happened - maybe it's because I've hit middle age. Or maybe I just came to realize that it makes your house look a little nicer to have some sort of decoration up outside.

Oh, and I love the reactions that I get from the boys. Matthew's is usually something along the lines of "now that's a little unnecessary". Cal's is always complimentary, but he's much more sensitive than Matthew and might not want to hurt my feelings.

This wreath, though, they both love. It's so spooky and Hallowe'en-y.

I started off with three black boas (thank goodness for Dollarama - I can always count on them for the boas), a bag of ping-pong eyeballs, a bag of eyeball ring-pops and some silvery spider ribbon.

I just wrapped the boas around and around the wreath form, and then hot glued the eyeballs on. I considered adding in a sparkly black and silver spider,

but decided it was too much on the wreath.

Cal is soooo excited about Hallowe'en this year. And being the rotten disorganized parents we are, we haven't got a pumpkin yet. Alan went out after hockey on Monday night to find one, but the stores that were open were sold out. I guess we'll try tomorrow morning and hope for the best.

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