Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The shoe storage solution

With four people in the house using the front door and main hallway every day, there tends to be an accumulation of shoes. A lot of shoes.

Although I built a low shelf in the bottom of the closet to provide additional storage space, it wasn't quite enough to deal with the running shoes, cleats, boots, etc that are used on a regular basis around here. So in an attempt to keep things corralled, I built in some shoe storage last weekend.

I started with 1' x 10" boards, which is what I used for the two shelves that were already in the closet. I cut them to size and built a simple box.

The width of the openings in the box is 10". I determined how wide I should build it based on a pair of Alan's shoes sitting side-by-side. Sandals can be stacked so that multiple pairs fit inside each cubby.

I nailed in all the shelves, and then filled, sanded, primed and painted it before installing it in the closet. That way there were no touch-ups needed on the walls. A little caulking around the seams, and we had ourselves some much-needed storage.

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